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Barclaycard Rewards Card for reward yourself

Credit card can be one of the most stress-free banking commodities to help us balance our finances most if it is the Barclaycard Rewards Card.

Barclaycard Rewards Card

Credit cards are often associated with negative connotations due to the negligence of most banking institutions. However, a credit card can be one of the most stress-free banking commodities to help us balance our finances if used responsibly, most if it is the Barclaycard Rewards Card.


Most financial experts suggest that it’s better to pay with a credit card than a debit card and keep cash-based transactions to a minimum. Generally, a good credit card should resolve all your financial concerns.


Some of these concerns can be: Is the credit card company reliable? Are there any hidden charges that the credit card company hasn’t disclosed? What are the Annual Percentage Rates? What is a credit company offering in terms of benefits?


If you’re looking for a card that answers all these questions, then the Barclaycard Rewards Card is just what you need. Aside from being associated with one of the UK’s leading credit card companies, Barclaycard, it offers you some great ways to manage your financial needs. So let’s take a look at what it promises.


Starting with No Hidden Charges

No Charges, Only Rewards with the Barclaycard Rewards Card

First and foremost, the card has no annual or hidden charges. Most credit card users find themselves in a rut because they have to bear hidden charges that should have been disclosed by the credit card company when they first got their credit card.


The irony is that these users are so used to the benefits these credit cards offer that they forget that hidden charges are an unwanted liability on their shoulders. Barclaycard Rewards Card allows you to explore your financial options without the burden of hidden charges.


Further, varying interest rates also give users the luxury of working through their payment plan. This credit card charges different interest rates on different balances, which is also easier to understand.


These interest rates are in line with the changes defined by the Bank of England, so you don’t have to worry about any specific changes designed by the credit card company. Another advantage of this card is the availability of Barclaycard company promotions on it, which might deviate your interest rates for the better. Keep an eye on these offers, and you’re good to go.


Interest-Free Crediting at Your Service with Barclaycard Rewards Card

It Pays to Discover Barclaycard Rewards Card (0.25% to be precise)

Barclaycard Rewards Card holds to its name and delivers better rewards than many other credit cards. It pays 0.25% cashback when you’re using it in a store. The cash will be credited to your statement or as requested.

However, note that you won’t earn anything on transactions like money transfers, balance transfers, currency purchases, or cash withdrawals. Still, the card has different benefits for balance transfers. In retrospect, the company has exceeded expectations by charging at a representative rate of 22.9% APR.


Now, all you need is a good credit rating to improve your interest rates. So, if you need one reason to buy this card, this should be it. There are other rewards as well. For instance, there is an interest-free window on purchases.

You will get 56 days’ interest-free credit on spending if you purchase the card. In other words, interest is out of the question if you clear your balance in full, on time, every month. Let’s include the fact that you can get a welcome bonus of 4 free Apple subscriptions for up to 5 months.

This is the Barclaycard Rewards Card

This is the Barclaycard Rewards Card

Overseas Transaction Doesn’t Get Any Easier

Overseas Trip? Fear Not with the Barclaycard Rewards Card

If you’re an avid traveller for business or vacation, the Barclaycard Rewards Card is everything you dream of. The card offers its users a chance to purchase overseas without non-sterling transaction fees.

So, you can pay for hotels, stores, restaurants, or bars hassle-free. You also benefit from currency exchange rates if you pay in the local currency. For instance, if you get asked whether you should pay in Pounds or Euros, you can say Euros.

The credit company provides a good exchange rate, so you’re better off taking this route than asking the local retailer for currency exchange. Most travellers also think about whether they should withdraw cash in other countries.

Like most credit card companies, Barclaycard also suggests that cash withdrawal in another country should be avoided unless necessary. However, fear not because you can withdraw cash from an ATM and even buy souvenirs without any charges.

All you have to do is check whether the payment exchange rate will be the same as the Mastercard or Visa exchange rate. The payment scheme exchange rate is available on the company’s website if you need more information.

Protection at its Finest

Protect Your Purchase in Style with Barclaycard Rewards Card

If you’re a first-time credit card user, let us educate you about Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. It allows the users to receive a safety net on all purchases made through the card. The Barclaycard Rewards Card protects any purchases costing more than £100 to a maximum value of £30,000.

The best part about this feature is that even if you pay a part of the purchase, such as the initial deposit, you can still get protection on the entire purchase. So, do you have a huge purchase in mind? Get yourself the Barclaycard Rewards Card and enjoy its outstanding benefits.

Are You Eligible for the Barclaycard Rewards Card?

It’s safe to say that this card is an attractive option for many users. If you like to shop and travel, you must have outstanding credit scores, making you eligible for the card. To make things easier for you, let’s look at the eligibility criteria for holding this card.

Technically, you need to be at least 21 years old, with credit handling experience of at least four years. Candidates also need to show a record of making on-time payments. A good credit score can improve your chances. If you’re still worried about your eligibility chances, you can calculate them through Barclaycard’s free eligibility checker tool.

Final Thoughts

Credit cards are best enjoyed when you have the discipline to carry them. That means paying your due amount on time, preferably in full, and not getting it over your head. A credit card company offers you the chance to explore your financial options, but of course, it doesn’t want you to abuse it.

However, if you tick all these boxes, you’re ready for it, and if you’re looking to reward yourself, Barclaycard Rewards Card is just what you need. All you have to do is visit their website, check your eligibility score, and order away. So, don’t wait any longer because lots of exciting promotions and discounts await you!