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Get your British Airways if you want travel benefiys!

You are no longer required to make a huge budget for travelling. In today's article, we will introduce you the amazing card: British Airways!

Travel more with British Airways

A credit card for traveling

Travelling is more than a hobby, is happiness. Travelling is a passion. But travelling is expensive as well. We all dream of a World tour. But what to do with the flight expenses? Higher flight rates sometimes make it impossible for us to dream of a World tour. So let’s talk about the British Airways!


If you are one of those who don’t afford a World tour but want to travel across the world with the cheapest flight rates then this article is for you. In today’s article, we will share with you an amazing reward card offered by American Express which helps you collect Avios.


With these Avios collections, you can enjoy discounts on air-flight tickets. American Express has the policy to provide one Avios for British Airways when a person spends £1 using an American Express British Airways credit card.


So, the perks are mutually offered by British Airways and American Express. The more you spend using your American Express credit card the more Avios you collect. Let’s say you spend £500 using this card, you will earn 500 Avios for British Airways flights.


Now travelling to a dream destination is possible at affordable rates. You are no longer required to make a huge budget for travelling across the world. Just spend wisely and multiply your Avios.A huge discount on flight rates will compensate for your extra spending.


Who else will give you such an amazing package? No other company, indeed. Are you interested in getting more information about American Express British Airways credit cards? Then this article is for you. This article is going to provide you with important information in the clearest form. So, you will not have any ambiguity regarding British Airways credit cards.


Minimum Repayment Policy

After signing up for a card membership, the assumed credit limit is around £1,200. Credit card holders are advised to pay at least £25 for their monthly minimum payments. The minimum payment amount should be equal to default fees.


Repayment protection insurance, monthly fee, annual card membership, and interest expenses. Excluding the monthly minimum payment, cardholders have the open choice of maximum payment to pay for their monthly credit balance.


Credit card holders can openly decide on maximum monthly payment at their ease (Any amount over the minimum monthly payment which they can easily pay). Note: Terms and conditions are different for minimum repayment if the cardholder is availing financial relief programmes of American Express.

How to get a British Airways Credit Card?

Getting a British Airways credit card is very easy. Users can visit any American Express office nearest to their residence or workplace. Their representatives will check your eligibility for the selected credit cards and complete the documentation process (if you find yourself eligible).


Alternatively, you can visit the official website of American Express to check your eligibility yourself by spending a couple of minutes completing a questionnaire. After finding yourself eligible to apply for a British express credit card you can contact the online support team.

Or follow up on the procedure recommended in e-mail feedback of eligibility results. You can also visit the nearby office of American Express if convenient for you. In this way the documentation process can be easily completed without any ambiguity, so you will not have any issues in receiving and activating your credit card.

Travel with British Airways

Travel with British Airways!

Benefits and Advantages of British Airways

American Express has recently introduced a wide range of credit cards among which reward cards are in most demand in the market. American Express credit card is one of those reward cards which captured the attention of American travellers because of its perks for British Airways services.

This credit card has multiple benefits unlimited to financial assistance only. Firstly, American Express has exempted British Airways credit card holders from paying the annual fee for maintenance of their account and activation of the credit card.

So, no additional charges are associated with the British Airways credit card if this credit card is no longer in use. Secondly, each £1 spending brings 1 Avios. Somehow in some conditions, American Express is ready to reward more than 1 Avios bonus for each £1 spent.

Assume if a person spends more than £1000 in the first 3 months (from the issuance date for this credit card) then American Express is ready to reward more than 5000 Avios bonuses. Account balance and frequency of transaction are determinants for the total reward value offered to the cardholder.

Thirdly, the American Express British Airways credit card has welcome bonuses and a simple reward structure Which makes it an interesting product in the market. The benefits of this credit card are not limited to the above-discussed points only.

American Express also offers special travel accident insurance up to £75,000 When travellers book their travel packages using an American Express British Airways credit card. Furthermore, cardholders can also enjoy unlimited benefits on entertainment and sports tickets including theatre, music, film, and companion tickets.

Drawbacks and Limitations

We remain honest with our audience. We are ready to share important drawbacks and limitations with our audience. If you are interested in the British Airways credit card, then you must have information about the drawbacks and limitations of this credit card so you will be able to make a wise decision.

One major drawback associated with this British Airways credit card is the high representative APR. According to the official website at least 26.6% APR is detectable on credit transactions. The market average APR rate is lower than 26.6% which makes the British Airways credit card an expensive option for everyday financing.

Secondly, this credit card cannot be used in some countries with the same terms and conditions. For overseas travellers, British Airways and American Express are agreeing to deduct additional charges for each transaction. So, if you are planning to travel with a this credit card you may pay additional APR charges for all credit card transactions made outside the country.

Other Options of British Airways

British Airways American Express also has other choices for their valuable clients. The most frequently ordered credit cards are British Airways American Express premium plus card, American Express preferred rewards gold credit card, and platinum cashback everyday credit card.

All these credit cards are highly recommended by financial institutes for UK residents for financing their flight & travelling expenses using credit cards.  Thirdly APR rates are relatively higher than the market average.

In exchange for no-risk credit card services, users are advised to pay 29.5% annual PR. If users are availing services for Vanquis classic credit cards, then at least 39.9% APR should be paid. Credit card services offered by other UK local banks usually require to appear below 25% which makes Vanquis credit cards expensive for UK residents.