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Citi Grab: The gift of efficiency and lifestyle

Take advantage of your fast paced lifestyle. The lifestyle you deserve and always dreamed with is possible with Citi Grab. Take a look!

Grab your Citi Grab!

Grab is a transportation service company

It offers mobile services as part of its operations to improve customer accessibility and the welfare of workers in various informal sectors who are now starting to try their luck by partnering with CitiBank. Get to know about the Citi Grab!

What we know is that CitiBank is one of the most experienced big banks are lots of credit cards from various brands by CitiBank. And of course, offers credit cards with various benefits that you can take but are they compatible?

With what do you want? Offering their respective advantages. With advantages and features that are more or less the same from one another. Grab and Citi Bank give you a new one. They offer you one of their credit cards.

It’s a combination of convenience and benefits that they claim will make your lifestyle more explicit with this Credit Card. But what type of credit card is that? This is Credit Card from CitiBank and the online transportation company Grab, which are collaborating to create something new. It’s certainly interesting for us to discuss.

About Credit Card Citi Grab

With Credit Card Citi Grab get excess Citi points. Which you can get up to 10X Citi points when transacting with a certain nominal value on the Grab application using Credit Card Citi G. So that when making transactions you will get Citi points which you can claim up to 10x. Exclusive only from with Credit Card Citi.

Get 3x CitiPoints from a Credit Card Citi Grab if you use your Credit Card when buying food. Or 3x CitiPoints for every online service you use. So you will get more points that you can use and most importantly all the conveniences of a Credit Card, exclusive only with this credit card.

Besides that for every business model that allows you to buy via the internet or what we most often call (E-commerce). Every purchase you make with a nominal determinated value. You can get 3x CitiPoints from a Credit Card Citi Grab if you use it when shopping at the e-commerce.

You will also get privileges when using the Credit Card Citi Grab as a means of payment on Agoda. When you order tickets or hotel reservations with a Credit Card Citi on the Agoda app. You can immediately get a discount of up to 10% of all your purchases, a few privileges given by Credit Card Citi.

Get shipping discounts from all grabfood and grabmart purchases with the CITIGRAB promo code. As well as other interesting things like free drinks that you will get every Friday with the FRIYAY promo code by using a Credit Card Citi. You can also get the Grab upgrade feature to a premium level too. Take advantage of your fast paced lifestyle with your credit card.

Grab your Citi Grab Credit Card

Grab your Citi Grab Credit Card

Credit Card CitiGrab features that you should know about

By using Credit Card Citi Grab you can enjoy the Citi world feature as a discount offer for each of your travel destinations locally. Seems like an other CitiBank credit card, and of course all that. People need namely to make cash withdrawals wherever and whenever you need.

PaywithPoint with a Credit Card you can make payments with the points you get from every transaction you make with this Credit Card. You can use the CitiFlexibill Feature, to change each statement transactions into Small payments. For the Paylite feature as a payment paylater from Credit Card it is already available for you to use.

So you can buy anything you want with 0% interest with this PayLite, and for this Credit Card. You will be able to do all the control just by accessing Citi Mobile for Credit Card. Current trends control only with your smartphone. By using the Credit Card you will have access to the Citi Mobile application so you will have extraordinary with Credit Card Citi Grab it.

Conclusions about Credit Card Citi Grab

 if you are someone who is very busy with high mobility Credit Card Citi Grab can be the credit card of your choice. With all the benefits that Credit Card provides. Of course all of that will support and of course save you even more time. The features embedded in Credit Card is no less interesting than other collaborating credit card features.

For the Credit Card Citi Grab itself they provide valid welcome gift points, and besides that they also don’t set an annual fee for this Credit Card Citi Grab, unfortunately that’s only for your conditions in the first year, and maybe for the following years you will be charged for it. and will only be a temporary advantage.


I may have missed some details here, cash withdrawals may apply with this Credit Card Citi Grab, it’s just that I prefer to use this credit card for online use only, so it doesn’t reduce the benefits that this Credit Card Citi Grab shows.

Take advantage of all the interesting things that this Credit Card Citi Grab  provides so that you will get a better experience with this Credit Card Citi Grab. Choosing a credit card for you to use in your daily life is indeed difficult. Especially with the many choices of the credit card itself.

I think choosing a credit card must be based on what you really need, don’t just be tempted by something that you think will make you others are impressed(it really doesn’t matter). If you think this collaboration.

Credit Card Citi Grab between CitiBank and Grab is the right choice for your lifestyle with high mobility, this Credit Card Citi Grab will obviously really help you to live your daily life and that is clear, I highly recommend this credit card for you .