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Citi Premier: unforgettable shopping moment

Increase your shopping more unforgettable experience with Citi Bank Credit Card Citi Premier. Reviews here !!

Everything about Citi Premier Credit Card

For whose like to shopping

For those of you who make shopping as a hobby. Of course you will make shopping as something that might be very meaningful. Every sheet of money you spend may be a sheet of happiness that you get. You will love the Citi Premier!

It’s not uncommon for you to like shopping in today’s modern world. In this easy era, you can even shop by simply tapping your finger on a smartphone screen that you have. Indeed there are some people who prefer to shop by going directly to offline stores.

So you can easily and quickly without having to wait for service. freight forwarder to deliver your order. However, some of the things you do. Such as bringing cash to shopping places, are very risky, apart from that. The rest you will only get the usual sensation of shopping.

After you get the item you want and after you give the money you have. Maybe the sensation of shopping like that is very boring. And you certainly won’t get anything else besides the exchange of money and goods.

Credit Card Citi premier from CitiBank Offers a very slightly unique offer from other credit cards, what is it? The Credit Card offers a shopping sensation that is a little better than just exchanging money and the goods you want, this is obviously very good to avoid when you unknowingly shop with a large nominal and then regret at home after shopping.

About Credit Card Citi premier

What you can get with a Credit Card Citi premier is 4x Citi points when you shop at department stores or duty free shops if you use a Credit Card. So that when you shop you not only get the items you want, but you will get Citi points that you can claim in the future even up to 4x as much.

With Credit Card Citi premier You can also get discounts of up to 15% of your total purchases directly, without the hassle or without the long wait every time you exchange Citi Points Rewards with the equivalent of the purchase value for each transaction at department stores that have participated or partnered with CitiBank.

In addition, when you use a Credit Card Citi premier to shop with a certain value or more per slip from sales at supermarkets that have participated or partnered with CitiBank. You will get cash back up to 5% of the total nominal transaction you have used, is that right? Yes, that’s right, even on the official website of the Credit Card it is displayed very clearly, so you can see it with a smile.

Don’t be stingy, even when you shop with a Credit Card Citi premier in a foreign currency or even domestically you will get at least 2x Citi points that you can use, instead of getting a loss with this Credit Card you actually get a very meaningful point.just only with Credit Card .

The users

Credit Card Citi premier users, you can experience a very exclusive feature, namely VIP parking in several places that have partnered with CitiBank, such as at The EmQuartier, Siam Paragon, , Megabangna and The Mall Bangkapi,Central Chidlom,Central World, Central Eastville.enjoy VIP service even once in your life and make your life truly exclusive

You will also get privileges when you use the Credit Card Citi premier as a means of paying for privileges that you can only feel with a smile, that is, you will enjoy free drinks from every restaurant that has participated with CitiBank, a money-saving offer that you can feel as a Citi user. Credit Card Citi premier

Everything about Citi Premier Credit Card

Everything about Citi Premier Credit Card

That you must be know about Citi Premier Credit Card +  CitiPriority ?

 You can get CitiPriority status yourself after the amount of your savings has met the balance criteria that have been applied by CitiBank itself, so that only a few people may be able to get this CitiPriority status, but it is possible that you can also get this CityPriority status. and get other benefits,

With Credit Card Citi premier and CitiPriority status you will get more exclusive privileges such as cashback which you can immediately get when you enjoy coffee at Starbucks, and you also get other privileges such as celebrating your birthday at Shibuya Honey Toast and Hong Kong Milk Tea after your birthday.

Credit Card City premiere features that you should know about

PaywithPoint with a Credit Card Citi premier you can make payments with the points you get from every transaction you make. And you can enjoy the Citi world feature as a discount offer for each of your travel destinations locally. People need namely to make cash withdrawals wherever and whenever you need.

For the Paylite feature as a payment paylater from the Credit Card Citi premier it is already available for you to use. So you can buy anything you want with 0% interest with this PayLite. And for this Credit Card Citi premier you can use the CitiFlexibill Feature, to change each statement transactions into Small payments.

Conclusions about Credit Card Citi premier

In my opinion, the Credit Card Citi premier does provide an experience that you might find difficult to forget. You can get a variety of positive things here, the right things are very useful and not just promotional frills. If you are careful and read the Credit Card  correctly Premier is really a credit card that is easy to use, safe and I think it’s worth getting for you.

For those of you, especially those who often shop, want it through online shops or offline shops. I think the Credit Card is worth getting, with a variety of excellent features that you can get easily. Credit Card Citi premier is perfect for you and your hobby of shopping, so will provide a more satisfied shopping sensation experience.