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Citi simplicity by Citi Bank: Because life is simple

Make your life more simple with all the exclusive benefits of the CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card. Take a look in the full review here!

Profit a simple life with simplicity card

Have a simple life

The complexity of the way of life lately sometimes exacerbates problems that actually already exist. But things are different when you have a Simplicity Credit Card. There are lots of unexpected things that have arisen in this way of life. If I say actually there is no truly calm life in this world.


But over time humans are starting to look for ways to minimize all possibilities, the peace of life does seem difficult to get but at least, humans try to make it simple. CitiBank with one of its credit cards tries to give you a solution to make your life simpler.


Indeed we know that making a CitiBank credit card is never half and half. There are lots of things you can get from a CitiBank credit card. And CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card present as a solution to make your life simpler,


CitiBank simplicity Credit Card  they offer credit cards with various benefits and ways to make your life more simpler  that you can take. But are they compatible? With what do you want? There are lots of credit cards from various brands.


Offering their respective advantages. With this really good advantages and features that are more or less the same from one another. But is the CitiBank simplicity Credit Card really good to make you intersting and compatible?

About CitiBank simplicity Credit Card


With the CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card, the first thing you will get after your CitiBank Credit Card application is approved is that there is no annual fee charged for this credit card. Unlike other CitiBank credit cards, this card really does not provide an annual fee that applies throughout the year.


For this CitiBank simplicity Credit Card. In addition, the CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card does not charge fees for using the card. Which of course is very attractive so you can use the card without usage fees throughout the year. For the cost of issuing the card itself the CitiBank Credit Card also really doesn’t provide a fee for that.


So you can make CitiBank simplicity Credit Card for free without paying any fees. What you might not get from other credit cards is that the CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card gives you relief for each of your credit card bills. What is that? You have the right to get relief in the form of a credit bill discount.


In accordance with the provisions that may apply. If every credit card issued by CitiBank sets a cash withdrawal fee of 3% specifically for CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card users, you only set a cash withdrawal fee of 1% of the total withdrawals you make using a CitiBank Credit Card credit card, that’s really an advantage. Which is really simple.

Discounts in the basics

Especially for those of you who are already part of the CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card. You will get a gift that CitiBank has provided on your birthday. So you don’t have to worry anymore if on your birthday you don’t have someone special to give you a gift, because CitiBank will give you a special gift.


You are also entitled to a discount for every purchase of gasoline when you already have a CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card, this only applies to every purchase of gasoline that you make at Shell gas station outlets.

At all national Shell gas stations with the nominal that applies according to CitiBank’s provisions. And the discount is around 1% of the total purchase with the terms and conditions that apply. In addition, with the CitiBank simplicity Credit Card you will be able to do all the control.

Just by accessing Citi Mobile for CitiBank simplicity Credit Card, current trends control only with your smartphone. By using the CitiBank Credit Card you will have access to the Citi Mobile application so you will have extraordinary with CitiBank Credit Card.

Life is simple with simplicity credit card

Life is simple with simplicity credit card

3 things you should know about CitiBank simplicity Credit Card

You can make a CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card in just 10 minutes, you can register via a smartphone or computer with a good internet network without the need for any paper, so the CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card is really simple, not only in terms of benefits or use, but CitiBank  Credit Card is also a way to make it simple

I’ts also possible to get the fast cash loan feature by having a CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card, so that when you need urgent funding, the CitiBank Credit Card is here as a solution that might be able to help you solve this problem, you can use this feature without other things being complicated. , really fast and instant

Apart from that, you can also make every large payment that is on the CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card into a bill with a small statement, without meaning anything here, CitiBank just wants to make you more flexible with all the large amounts of financing notes by only being a few notes with a statement amount value small one.

Conclusion about CitiBank simplicity Credit Card

 If you are someone who doesn’t want too many events or you are an anti-complicated person with all the things offered by the CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card, I think your life will be colorful again with simple choices, you can do enough to get to the point without being long-winded. CitiBank simplicity Credit Card, the convenience provided by CitiBank is quite interesting.

The simple lifestyle that you apply will be really simple if you combine it with the CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card, besides you will get convenience with all the features embedded by the CitiBank Credit Card you will also get the peace of life that CitiBank Credit Card provides from one of its benefits. , whenever you need money CitiBank Credit Card will always be there as a solution for you,

I think CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card is highly recommended for you, for your activities for your lifestyle that is truly simple without compromise, it will be much easier with CitiBank Simplicity Credit Card, but it is your main choice that determines I am only here to help you by introducing the CitiBank Credit Card with the benefits that the CitiBank Credit Card offers to you,