Credit Card Prestige: improve your experience

Get an unforgettable unlimited experience by Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige. We wrote a full reviews here to help you to chose!
Everything about the Prestige Credit Card
Everything about the Prestige Credit Card


Enormous service and audience and high enthusiasm. Is able to become one of the largest and most influential banks in the financial world. And you can choose various credit cards with a variety of different benefits from CitiBank.

What’s interesting this time? Citi Bank has one of credit cards that they label with the Prestige frill. What kind of credit card is that and is this credit card decent? The Costco Anywhere Credit Card with the various things it offers is almost perfect.

But we are not here to discuss that credit card. What we will discuss this time is Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige. According to several sources I heard this Credit Card is a credit card with lots of benefits. “Disclaimer” if you are a loyal CitiBank customer or CitiGold credit card holder.

Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige be suitable for you to choose. And whether the Citi Bank Credit Card must be used with a CitiGold credit card to get the maximum advantages. We will discuss here Citi Bank Credit Card. What makes it specialW See the reviews!

About Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige

By using the first Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige you will have access to the Citi Mobile application. So you will have extraordinary freedom with it. You will be able to do all the control using the app. Current trends control only with your smartphone.

You can use PayLite provided by Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige. Besides the function of a separate Paylite with Citi Bank is one of the best breakthroughs. If you make a purchase with a credit card there may be interest tones used.

But with this credit card PayLite no interest will be charged “or other terms free of interest” that’s really 0%. You can also get the opportunity to get an exclusive lifestyle with Citi Bank. When you use it, you will get up to 30% savings when going to Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit.

A very interesting Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok, The Peninsula Bangkok and places other exclusives like The St. Regis Bangkok and 3% Cash Rebate for purchases at Shell gas stations for every THB 800/sales slip.

Apart from that, you can also get access to CitiPrestige just by easy registration and easy application without any paper documents, just by holding a Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige, and you will immediately get 52,000 Citirewards points that you can claim. exclusive offers for users Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige.

So what the different when you using Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige + CitiGold ?

If you use Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige and CitiGold Credit Cards simultaneously you will be able to get enormous benefits. That can even be up to 3X, by combining these two things you can get a welcome bonus of up to 82,000 bonus points. From every credit card purchase using Citi Prestige when you become a new Citigold customer from 1 Oct – 31 Dec ’22

Get 3X Citi Rewards Points for every transaction spent in foreign currency. So when you shop using foreign currency, instead you will get a loss instead with this credit card you will get points which of course will be very useful for you later. And one more reward that you get 2% Relationship Bonus Points per year for each transaction based on your annual spend.

Also get additional Cash Back for purchases via Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige Bonus points 5% Annual relationship based on annual spending transactions and also Get other privileges such as an annual fee exclusively from Citi Bank Credit , all the benefits that you get by pairing Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige and CitiGold

For Citigold customer status itself it is used for customers who have a number of deposits that meet certain standard criteria or with the loyalty that customers have towards CitiBank, if you can get all of that of course that is a very good thing for you, you can get more offers than CitiBank later.

Everything about the Prestige Credit Card
Everything about the Prestige Credit Card

You must be know of Citi Bank

You can spend the points that you collect from every transaction you make with Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige for the things you want. Because the points generated by this card are the same as money. The value is the same as money so the points earned you make from Credit Card, it’s really very useful.

The best thing here is that the points generated are very flexible. So there is no deadline that will make all the points disappear. The points here will always be saved and even increase if you don’t use them, you don’t need to worry again for the problem point of your Credit Card, because it’s really usable and free.

Final thoughts

Conclusion from Citi Bank Credit Card is very good it’s just that as usual when you ask how much interest you will get when you make a withdrawal with this Citi Bank, you won’t get that answer here, because Indeed, even on the official website, CitiBank does not mention it.

If you feel that Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige is appropriate for you, it’s not a mistake for you to submit, because yes, this is very attractive, with a variety of things that Citi Bank  offers, it’s not too bad for an exclusive, other than that it’s Citi. I recommend this Bank, with these exclusive features that are truly exclusive.

So make your choice, your choice will determine your future Citi Bank Credit Card Prestige together with CitiGold is a very significant combination, a combination that produces additional benefits, a unique offer, I think it is suitable for you to have all these exclusive things, think about Citi Bank.