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Home Trust Secured Visa Card: Fit for Beginners

With the Home Trust Secured Visa card, people just getting started are the perfect candidates due to its astounding 95% acceptance rate. Good news, right?

The Home Trust Secured Visa card is intended for people who have experienced credit problems in the past, have little to no credit history, or both. It can be used to make online and offline purchases, pay bills, get cash advances, and more, just like any other Visa card. 


Since it is a secured credit card and needs a security deposit before use, it can be an excellent alternative for anyone wanting to develop or rehabilitate their credit.This Home Trust Secured Visa review will provide information on this card’s features, benefits, and drawbacks so that you may better comprehend it and determine whether you want to use it.


How does the Home Trust Secured Visa Card work?

Home Trust secured credit cards can be quite helpful in assisting with credit rebuilding if you are starting out or attempting to start over. They take a chance on individuals who either have bad credit or no credit by requesting that cardholders deposit “security monies” as a kind of security. 


If your account is paid in full and in good standing when you end it, these monies will typically, but not always, be returned to you in an amount equal to the credit you were awarded. This card is an excellent option if you are just getting started or even coming out of bankruptcy. It will assist you in building or rebuilding your credit rating. So, with Home Trust, your credit line will grow, enabling you to take the next step and apply for other credit cards.



Your deposit secures your trust secured card, earns interest, and is refundable if you decide to close the account. It functions exactly like every other Visa card. It can be used to make purchases online, over the phone, and at all ATMs that accept Visa. It is also accepted everywhere Visa is accepted. Following approval, you will receive a credit limit from the Home Trust Secured Visa that is equal to your deposit. 


The company will report to Equifax and TransUnion every month when you use the card, assisting you in establishing or rebuilding your credit. If you need a secured visa to help you repair your credit but would prefer a card with a lower interest rate, you can pay an annual fee for a lowered rate.


Credit limit: Minimum credit limit: $1,000. Maximum credit limit: $10,000. All you have to do to raise your limit at any time is submit more money and a note explaining that the deposit is for raising your credit limit. Annual fee: $39 for the first setup and $7.50 each month. APR: None. Interest Rates: If you carry a balance from month to month, the card carries an interest rate of 19.99% on purchases.


Cash advance fee: If you use your Home Trust Secured Visa Card to get a cash advance, you could be charged up to 3% of the amount. Benefits of Home Trust Secured Visa Card: Everyone has what they like about a particular credit card, but there are some benefits everyone could agree upon. Below are the features and benefits of the home trust Secured Visa card. Fair credit limit: The security deposit sum will be the same as your credit limit.


High Acceptance Rate

Almost everyone is accepted, regardless of whether they have filed for bankruptcy or are participating in a consumer proposal. All that is needed is a security deposit. Those who have been discharged from bankruptcy can also apply. You will have a dependable way to obtain additional funds and improved spending power once approved, provided that your accounts are in good standing, just like a conventional credit card.

Build Your Credit

The card can also assist you in establishing or rebuilding your credit, which is another perk. Due to the card’s reporting to Canada’s three leading credit agencies, you can show creditors that you are a responsible borrower by using the card sensibly and promptly pay your bills. Over time, this will help your credit score.


Refunded Deposit: When you cancel your account and settle your amount, the minimum and maximum deposits are returned to you. The minimum deposit is $500, and the maximum is $10,000. Fees & Interest Rates: The Home Trust Secured Visa Card has an interest rate that is often cheaper than many unsecured credit cards.

Online Account management: Managing your Home Trust Visa is simple, regardless of where you are. You can safely pay your bills online, receive an up-to-date balance, get cash advances, make purchases and payments online, and view your transaction history with online account services. Foreign fees: You’ll pay 2% less in foreign exchange fees.

Interest rates are low

The Home Trust Secured Credit Card offers a low-interest rate, which means that you will pay less interest on your outstanding balances compared to other credit cards. It may be advantageous if you maintain a balance on your credit card from month to month because you will eventually pay less interest.

No Annual fee

It is noteworthy that this secured credit card has no annual fees and a 19.99% interest rate that is only applied when you hold a balance. A credit card without an annual fee can be helpful in many ways and can help you save money on fees since you won’t have to worry about the additional expense of an annual fee. However, a premium version of this card costs $59 annually and carries an interest rate of 14.90% on purchases.

Purchase Protection for 90 Days: You can file a claim with Home Trust to have an item fixed or replaced or to get your money back if you used your Home Trust Secured Credit Card to make a purchase and it was damaged, looted, or misplaced within 90 days of the purchase date.

Home Trust Secured Visa Card


When can I expect to receive my home trust visa card? From the time the application and security deposit is received, the application procedure takes about two to three weeks. How do Secured Visa cards work? A secured credit card is a kind of credit card that the cardholder backs with a cash deposit.

The card issuer has security in the form of this deposit, which serves as collateral on the account if the cardholder is unable to make payments. What benefits do secured visas offer? You can establish or rebuild your credit history and manage your credit limit with a secured visa by setting the amount of your security deposit.


With the Home Trust Secured Visa card, people just getting started are the perfect candidates due to its astounding 95% acceptance rate. It’s ideal for individuals who wish to restore their credit history after bankruptcy or a rough patch. Also, if you still need the necessary credit score, it can be a starting step toward getting the card you’ve wanted. Your credit score will increase with a Home Trust secured Visa, which is ultimately more significant than the benefits. The major flaw with this card is that you can’t use it to earn points or receive extra perks like extended insurance.