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HSBC classic credit card for you make payments everywhere

With the HSBC Classic Credit Card, you may make simple payments and have them accepted anywhere. Keep reading for more!

Man using his HSBC classic credit card

With the HSBC Classic Credit Card, you may make simple payments and have them accepted anywhere. With a variety of features and advantages offered by this straightforward credit card, carrying cash will no longer be a burden.


This card and its features are essential for the modern person due to its enhanced safety features, cash advance capabilities at more than a million ATMs, paperless payment services, and a customer care team available 24/7.


The fact that this credit card combines essential beneficial characteristics like the exclusion of fuel fees with elite-level advantages like global acceptance makes it one of the few favourites.

Features of HSBC classic credit card


This credit card can be ideal if you’re trying to establish or raise your credit score. Easy card management: Check your balance, pay bills, freeze your card, and manage your finances with the HSBC Mobile Banking app or online banking.


Purchase protection: Section 75 covers purchases made with a credit card between £100 and £30,000 if the seller violates a contract or makes false statements about the products. Discounts and offers: You can save money on shopping, eating out, travelling, family outings, and more.


Digital wallet: All HSBC credit cards are contactless and compatible with digital wallets. Safe to use: The HSBC Classic Credit Card uses cutting-edge security measures and limits your liability if the card is lost or stolen. Because of HSBC’s diligent customer support team makes reporting a lost card incredibly simple.


Eligibility for HSBC classic credit cards

To be eligible for the HSBC classic credit card, you must be at least 18 years, possess a yearly income or pension of at least £6,800 before taxes, own a current HSBC account that is active—excluding Basic Bank Account.


The annual fee for HSBC classic credit card: The HSBC classic card has no annual fee. Minimum credit limit: £250 Maximum credit limit: £1000 (based on estimated credit card limit).



Through HSBC Home and Away, discounts and special offers are available for dining out, leisure time, and shopping. Discounts and special deals for travellers are offered through HSBC Home and Away.

Advantages of HSBC classic credit card

HSBC classic credit card requires no annual fee, has Low credit score applicants might be qualified. Cash advance, which means All HSBC credit cards, including the HSBC Classic Credit Card, are equipped with a cash advance feature.


Cardholders can access more than a million ATMs worldwide to withdraw hard currency depending on their urgent needs. The card successfully combines the ease and security of cashless transactions with the capability of cash withdrawals, should the necessity arise. Whether paying with cash or a card, the card is a complete payment solution.

Worldwide acceptance

The card is accepted without restriction at more than a million ATMs and 18 million retail locations worldwide. Your credit card functions as a currency converter, vacation companion, financial advisor, and escape route from a sticky situation.

Due to its relatively low beginning credit limits and high-interest rate, this card has the laxest eligibility restrictions. Up to £1,000 in personalised credit limits. If used properly, this HSBC card could assist you in establishing (or reestablishing) a good credit history.

Customers that deal with HSBC report receiving outstanding customer service. About the disadvantages of HSBC classic credit card it’s possible to note that you must earn at least £6,800 per year and a fee of £12 for late payment.

This is the HSBC classic credit card

This is the HSBC classic credit card


How difficult is it to get an HSBC credit card?

Excellent credit is required for the majority of HSBC credit cards. In general, excellent credit starts at 750. After all, if you barely fulfil a card’s basic requirements, your chances of approval won’t be very good.

On my HSBC credit card, can I make cash withdrawals?

When you utilize your credit card to make a cash withdrawal, HSBC Bank charges a cash advance fee. The current cash advance cost from HSBC Bank is 2.5% of the amount withdrawn.

Is there a credit limit on the HSBC Classic Credit Card?

If HSBC can extend this offer to you, the offer will detail a customised credit limit determined by HSBC’s evaluation of your circumstances. The card’s minimum and maximum credit limits are £250 and $1,000, respectively. You could want to inquire about a credit limit increase if you’ve had the card for a while and have proven to HSBC that you’re trustworthy.

What does HSBC Bank require as a minimum balance?

The HSBC Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) makes it simple to use essential banking services without paying any fees or penalties and without keeping a minimum balance in the account. Any modifications to the terms and conditions of this account will be communicated to you by HSBC with a one-month advance notice.

Can I have many credit cards?

There is no optimum quantity of credit cards that you should have. As long as you satisfy the requirements, you are free to own as many credit cards as you choose. Your credit score could be impacted if you don’t keep up a healthy credit utilisation rate.


The HSBC Classic credit card is a rather excellent option to apply for. Like the great majority of credit cards on the market, the credit limit and interest rate can be adjusted to the application—and may be higher than the advertised indicative APR. While benefits for credit builders are typically hard to come by, the HSBC card does offer some cashback through Visa Offers.

The Visa Deals programme analyses your credit card usage patterns before sending you a weekly email with a customised list of offers. If the HSBC Classic Credit Card fulfils your credit needs, and if you are pleased with its features, you should choose it since it is convenient and worth the cost.