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Conveniences with the MBNA Platinum Credit Card

A good credit card has features like exciting discounts, reward points, and a chance to improve your credit score. This is the MBNA Platinum.

A man using his MBNA Platinum Credit Card

A good credit card also has features like exciting discounts, reward points, and a chance to improve your credit score. However, the real question is, “Which credit card ticks all these boxes?” MBNA Platinum Visa Credit Card is among the best options out there.


You might believe that a credit card is like having a rope close to your neck. This could be the case if you’re choosing an ordinary card. The right type of credit card can not only save you money in interest but also helps you manage your expenses.


But it’s also important to know the purpose of what’s making you buy one in the first place. So, let us discuss the benefits of this card and why it can be considered the flagbearer of an outstanding credit score.

Welcoming You to the MBNA Family

Earn 0.25% cashback on eligible purchases within the first three months!


A good credit card will benefit you right from the time you acquire it. It can be in the form of first-purchase discounts, reward points, or anything else. Since the experts at MBNA are aware of this, they have crafted the “mother of all credit cards” in the form of the Platinum Visa Credit Card.


One of the best features it offers is allowing users to earn 0.25% cash back on eligible purchases within the first three years of account opening. In addition, the company deducts cashback on purchase refunds, fraudulent transactions, and credit adjustments for the month the adjustment was made.


This service stands out because the company calculates cashback on each purchase, rounding off to every penny. The cashback earned will show up on the running total on your monthly statement. So, you’re in for a treat.


Did you know that there is no foreign exchange fees for the first 12 months of MBNA Platinum credit card purchasing?

That’s right! After purchasing the MBNA Platinum Visa Credit Card, you don’t have to pay the non-sterling transaction fees in foreign currency. Of course, this offer is valid for the first 12 months, and they won’t let you forget it.


The company has an exceptional notification service, so it will remind you before the offer is about to end. It’s also important to note that if you go over your credit limit or don’t pay your monthly payment, you won’t be able to avail this offer. Other than that, this feature is too good to miss.


Interest Charging with a Positive Twist with MBNA Platinum

Similar to other credit cards, MBNA Platinum Visa Credit Card calculates interest based on the amount you owe. By adding the daily interest amounts in each statement period, the company adds the total to the balance on the date of the statement.

However, it offers two exceptions that you might not find elsewhere. Firstly, this company doesn’t charge a surcharge on purchases performed during the latest statement if you pay off your balance within the due date.


The second and most important one is that the company doesn’t charge interest on default charges for the first 28 days, one day after the payment notice is sent to you. Something to think about, right? Another point to note is that the company uses payments to clear overdue amounts before applying them to the latest minimum amount.

MBNA works to provide maximum benefits to its customers by paying off balances of the highest interest rate first to the balances with the lowest interest rates. The goal is to keep the customers happy.

Get your MBNA Platinum Credit Card

Get your MBNA Platinum Credit Card

Cost of Borrowing – the MBNA advantage

One of the major reasons why people use credit cards is because they are a flexible form of borrowing. You can pay a minimum amount every month to manage your finances effectively. However, we recommend that you don’t make minimum payments in the long run.

Connect with MBNA, and the experts can suggest different ways to pay your dues without any hassle. Also, you can apply for a loan if you want to borrow a larger amount, as this company offers exceptional loan plans for its customers.

Benefits of Acquiring the MBNA Platinum Visa Credit Card

Fraudulence is Not Your Problem

The company has a strict policy against fraudulent transactions, but you won’t be held accountable (if you are a victim, of course). With this credit card, you won’t be held liable, especially for contactless transactions. All you have to do is reach out to them as soon as you notice any unusual transactions or if your card is missing. MBNA will handle the rest.

Free Text Alerts

Did you know that this company also offers free text alerts? That’s right! You can stay on top of your finances with these text alerts. This service also acts as an additional security feature against unusual transactions for free.

Everything is Online

Modernized banking is all about digitization, and MBNA Platinum Visa Credit Card allows you to witness its pinnacle. In addition, MBNA provides exceptional card services and a telephone banking feature to keep you stay updated all the time.

Direct Debit – A Feature of the Future

You can also set up a Direct Debit for any fixed amount over the minimum payment. All you have to do is call 03456-062062. The lines are open from 7 am to 11 pm every day of the week. Further, you can also use this service by adding another cardholder so that you can service your account in seconds.

No Annual Fee

MBNA Platinum Visa Credit Card has no annual fee!

That’s right! You won’t find many credit cards in the market that don’t have annual charges. So, if you need one reason to order this card – this is it.

So, are you ready?

Acquiring the right credit card is mainly considered an oxymoron, but it’s not if you’re using the MBNA Platinum Visa Credit Card. As one of the country’s most promising credit card companies, it prides itself on delivering services that are best for you.

Whether it’s the reward points, leniency in payments, or excellent interest rates, this card could be just what you need. MBNA also invites those individuals who experience financial difficulties because its Platinum Visa Credit Card could just help them manage their finances better. So, don’t wait any longer and apply today.