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NCBA credit card classic: The best benefits

Free installments up to 9 months and credit period Free up to 50 days. See complete NCBA credit card classic here!

All you need to know about NCBA Credit Card Classic

NCBA credit card classic, the facts at a glance

NCBA credit card classic, At a glance the facts about credit cards. Almost all banks around the world already have their own credit card products, with various aspects of advantages or disadvantages. Indeed credit cards themselves are chosen based on consumer interest in the bank.


But it does not rule out some cards Credit is also chosen based on the many advantages with the few disadvantages offered by the type of credit card itself. Like the NCBA credit card classic, a credit card issued by Uganda NCBA Bank Limited.


Which offers short-term benefits for its users, the main purpose of this credit card is intended for “those of you who have short-term needs” what are those?? See the full review of this credit card here !!

NCBA credit card classic


Enjoy the advantages of the NCBA credit card classic wherever you are with Visa access with it!! You can use this NCBA classic credit card not only domestically. But of course you can also use your credit card abroad, with access the breadth of the existing VISA network from this card.


One thing that you can feel right away without worrying about where you will make transactions. Like other credit cards in general, this credit card also has a minimum transaction limit. Which is around UGX 500,000, so you can use this NCBA credit card classic for transactions of UGX500,000 or more than UGX500,000.


Of course, we can still tolerate this amount. for using this credit card, which I think is quite worth it. The fee for applying for an NCBA credit card classic is unfortunately not free. The Uganda NCBA Bank Limited itself charges a fee of UGX60,000 for the fee for applying for this credit card.


Indeed I can say this amount is “a bit expensive” if it is only intended for application fees just. Uganda NCBA Bank Limited also sets an “annual” usage fee for this NCBA credit card classic of UGX80,000. So using this credit card classic is not free. Because indeed the Uganda NCBA Bank Limited has included an official annual usage fee on the Uganda NCBA Bank Limited, NCBA credit card classic.

Other benefits and features of the NCBA credit card classic


For the benefits that you can get from your credit card, every NCBA credit card classic holder has option pay around 20% of bill and return the balance along with interest according to the applicable rate guide from Uganda NCBA Bank Limited.


In addition, the credit card classic can also issued in 2types of currencies such as UGX or USD, with a record that the income earned by prospective users is also obtained in USD so that the credit card classic is also suitable for those of you who work with income in USD or do business by using the USD currency, without the need to seek foreign exchange change services first.

You can also get an SMS alert to notify you when card is used or when you have reached 75% of the maximum usage limit for the NCBA credit card classic, safely without confusion that your card is lost or stolen, you can immediately know to call the bank about blocking ” after you know that your card has been used”


You can also get Credit Card Bonuses easily, increasing the limit with 24-hour service up to 150,000 UGX  at no additional cost. and online transaction security with “One time Passwords, Chip and Verified Visa OTP which will be sent to credit card classic holders.


You can also get free insurance with a credit card classic such as insurance for goods worth 150,000 UGX or the equivalent in USD, and if you buy with this credit card classic you can get insurance up to 3,000,000 UGX or the equivalent in USD for each claim if item has been accidentally lost, damaged or stolen within 30 purchase days.

Apart from that, you can also withdraw until  75% of the credit card classic cash withdrawal limit, which can be done, of course, through counter (OTC) at any nearest branch bank or through any available ATM with the Visa logo there. You can also check your credit card balance very easily anytime, anywhere, just by using mobile banking or internet banking .

You can also do balance transfers easily so you can combine all your card credit balances into your new credit card, as long as the available balance is still within your card limit and does not exceed the maximum limit for using your credit card classic balance.

Don’t worry. If you forget when you have to pay the fee for using a credit card, for each user of this credit card classic, you don’t need to ask when. to your personal email address of course.

All you need to know about this classic credit card

All you need to know about this classic credit card

Final considerations

 The credit card classic issued by Uganda NCBA Bank Limited is of course very interesting. If we look at the many things you can get from this credit card. It’s just that there are some drawbacks such as “there is an annual fee and a minimum limit with an amount that I think is quite large.

So that when you want to use the credit card for transactions of less than UGX, 500,000. Of course you will have trouble and go back to pulling out your cash that is in your pocket. The annual fee which is pegged at UGX 80,000 also makes you think twice about where the money will come from. you can get this value.

However, if you really understand what the credit card classic offers, namely a 50-day free credit period and 9 months of interest-free installments. Of course you won’t ask again whether this credit card is right for you or not suitable for you. You, because indeed as stated on the official website of this credit card classic. The credit card classic is perfect for those of you who have short-term need’s.

Choosing the right credit card will certainly help you in various conditions that you really need. If you think this NCBA credit card classic is right for you, of course it’s not a wrong choice. Find out and understand before you apply, at least you will know and will not get lost in the future. So far I think this credit card is good enough to have “in the short term of course”