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PC Financial World Elite Mastercard Review

With the PC Financial World Elite Mastercard you can utilize PC Optimum points to get discounts on groceries and other daily expenses. See how.

This year, it is anticipated that the cost of food in Canada will increase; therefore, there has never been a better moment to accumulate useful incentives and cash back to offset rising costs. The PC Financial World Elite Mastercard may be an excellent card to use if you prefer to make your purchases at Loblaw banner stores or frequently fill up at Esso and Mobil stations.


You can utilize PC Optimum points to get discounts on groceries and other daily expenses for every dollar spent on this card. You can earn extra money by using this card more frequently. Additionally, since there is no yearly charge, it offers perks like 24/7 concierge service and travel insurance at no additional cost to you.


Facts about PC Financial World Elite Mastercard

Annual cost: nothing. Purchases: 20.97%; cash advances: 22.97% (21.97% in Quebec). Rewards: 30 points for every $1 spent in grocery stores under the connected Loblaw name, 45 points for every $1 spent at Shoppers Drug Mart, 30 points for every liter spent at Esso and Mobil stations, and 10 points for every $1 spent elsewhere. Point value: 10 points are equal to $0.01, while 10,000 PC Optimum points are equal to $10. Interest paid on purchases: 20.97%. A minimum annual personal income of $80,000 or household income of $150,000 is required.

Advantages of PC Financial World Elite Mastercard

Optimum points are simple to obtain and more flexible than you may imagine


Optimum was once the loyalty program for Shoppers Drug Mart, but it has since grown. You can now use them to buy anything, including groceries, prescription drugs, household goods, apparel, and gas. With this card, you can accumulate them: At grocery stores under the connected Loblaw name, you earn 30 points for every $1 spent. At Shoppers Drug Mart, Esso, and Mobil stations, you may get 45 points for every $1 spent and 30 points for every liter.


After that, every additional $1 spent earns 10 points. If you’re savvy, you can increase your Optimum point total. Keep an eye out for specials that award points at participating retailers, like Shoppers Drug Mart’s “20x the Points” shopping events, to accrue additional points. Additionally, register at PCOptimum.ca to receive emails with weekly deals.

It has favorable insurance advantages


The PC Financial World Elite Mastercard is a unicorn in the world of credit cards. Although there is no yearly cost, cardholders still receive the bonus of insurance protection. You will receive up to $1 million in travel emergency medical insurance and collision/loss damage waiver insurance for rental cars as part of the package (up to 10 days from departure). If you are in an accident, those two characteristics could save you a ton of money on your subsequent journey. These kinds of perks are difficult to find on credit cards with no annual fee.


How to earn points with PC Optimum

Simply charge purchases to your PC Financial World Elite Mastercard to start earning. You’ll receive the highest rewards when you make purchases from PC-affiliated merchants and fill up at its partner gas stations. The PC Financial World Elite Mastercard is one of the finest no-annual-fee credit cards for groceries since it offers 30 Points for every $1 spent at connected Fortinos, No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, and other retailers under the Loblaw umbrella.


This is one of the best credit cards for gas on the market, with an earn rate of a phenomenal 45 points for every $1 spent at Shoppers Drug Mart (as well as Pharmaprix in Quebec) and at least 30 points each liter of gasoline or diesel fuel purchased at Esso and select Mobil stations in Canada. Additionally, PC Travel offers 30 points for every $1 spent, while all other merchants offer 10 points for every $1 purchased.


How to use your PC Optimum rewards

Redeeming PC Optimum Rewards is simple, which is one of its best qualities. When you reach 10,000 PC Optimum points, you can either use them right away to get up to $10 worth of free groceries or other items from any participating retailer, or you can save them for later use when you can get even bigger discounts. The prices of qualifying products purchased, less relevant discounts, and taxes are used to determine the number of points earned.

Around 2,500 retail outlets accept PC Optimum points for redemption, including: Food chains like Loblaws, Fortinos, No Frills, and Real Canadian Superstore; department stores like Zehrs and Joe Fresh; pharmacies like Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix; and retail chains like Zehrs and Joe Fresh.


When you scan your PC Optimum card at the checkout line, just let the cashier know you want to “spend” your points. Alternatively, you can use points from online purchases at Beauty Boutique, Joe Fresh, and PC Express websites. The requirements for accumulating and using PC Optimum points on prescription drugs, over-the-counter remedies, and other pharmacy or healthcare-related goods and services vary by province and territory. Therefore, ask the staff first.

PC Financial World Elite Mastercard

Disadvantages of using PC Financial World Elite Mastercard

There aren’t many drawbacks to this rewards card because it has a fantastic rewards program and no annual fee. PC Optimum points, however, can only be used in multiples of 10,000. In other words, if you have 47,000 points, you can “pay” 40,000 of them for a $40 discount on your purchase and keep the other 7,000 points in your account.Additionally, only 10 points are earned for every $1 spent at businesses that are not linked with a PC; if you don’t buy at these establishments, this card is probably not for you.

Since this card is intended for higher-income consumers, you probably won’t be eligible if you’re a student or just starting out ($80,000 minimum individual yearly income or $150,000 minimum family income). Two other PC Financial Mastercard options do have lower income requirements, but you should be aware that the earn rates are also proportionately less lucrative. Additionally, a minimum annual spending threshold of $15,000 is now mandated.


This no-fee rewards card is among the finest for groceries and gas for customers of Loblaws, its subsidiary grocery shops, and Shoppers Drug Mart, who often fill up their cars at Esso and Mobil stations. There are alternative grocery store credit cards that can earn you points without requiring you to alter your shopping habits, though, if you enjoy comparing prices or find yourself making weekly trips to different supermarkets.