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Santander Everyday: No Balance Transfer Fee!

Santander Everyday Credit Card is offering cost-cutting benefits to all users. This card is usable in the UK and major European countries!

A man using his Santander Everyday Credit Card

What about credit cards?

Using a credit card, you can buy whatever you want. But when you pay your monthly credit card payments you also pay interest on the credit amount. So, using a credit card for daily living expenses is not a cost-effective solution.


It may bring you ease in meeting your financial needs, but it can increase your monthly budget. Each transaction delayed from the allowed time will bring additional interest expense charges. Then, if a bank offers you an interest-free credit card you can avail of double benefits: ease in monthly expenses and no additional cost.


Who does not want to enjoy interest-free credit card benefits? Definitely, everyone seeks opportunities to best utilize credit cards to enjoy maximum financial benefits. We all know, there are just a few banks which offer interest-free credit cards.


In 90% of banks all over the world, credit card users are supposed to pay their interest expenses for credit financing of daily expenses. In this article, we will cater to your information about an interest-free credit card.


Santander Everyday Credit Card

Santander bank is a well-recognized financial institute in the UK. You may not wonder if I say Santander Bank has more than 11 thousand branches all over the United Kingdom and many European countries.


Nevertheless, as a British bank, some special benefits are only limited to the UK audience. If you are living in the UK as a permanent resident, you are going to enjoy wonderful benefits from Santander. Wonderful indeed. Limited bank service charges and lowest interest rates for all credit cards.


And above all UK residents are offered a special gift: a “Santander Everyday Credit Card”. Santander Everyday Credit Card is offering cost-cutting benefits to all users. With the Santander Everyday Credit Card users are able to purchase anything with an interest-free pay-back option.


Users are offered credit financing with 0% interest for 21 months. They are offered balance transfer options without any additional interest payments. This card is usable in the UK and major European countries.


If the cardholder is traveling outside the United Kingdom or residing in any European country for a longer period, then they can still enjoy these benefits by contacting the management of the relevant bank branches.

Somehow, this offer is limited to UK permanent residents only, so if you have UK citizenship status then you can apply for Santander Everyday Credit Card. An interest-free credit card will be waiting for you.

Santander Everyday Credit Card: Make it yours!

Santander Everyday Credit Card: Make it yours!

Why Santander Everyday Credit Card?

You may be indifferent between various credit cards. Which one to select for daily expenses? We recommend you go for Santander Everyday Credit Card and start enjoying fantastic benefits. You may be wondering why Santander Everyday Credit Card. Our answer is because:

Interest-Free Balance transfer:

Santander Bank intends to bring convenient services for all UK residents. With Santander Everyday Credit Card, they have made it possible for users to transfer their balance within the UK at a 0% interest rate for 21 months. Additionally, users are not obliged to pay a transfer fee for 21 months. After 21 months, interest charges will apply as per the terms and conditions.

No interest payment on Credit Card transactions

For 21 months, the user is not required to pay any additional interest payment for any credit card transaction using e-commerce websites or online transactions. Somehow, some additional charges may apply for geographical locations outside the United Kingdom. You are advised to check these terms and conditions beforehand.

Interest-free purchases for 3 Months

Santander Everyday Credit Card has made it possible to enjoy interest-free purchases from any shopping point with credit card swaps. Now with Santander Everyday Credit Card, you can go to shopping centers and grocery stores to enjoy credit at 0% interest expenses. Santander Everyday Credit Cards are exempt from paying interest expenses for 21 months.

No Account Opening Fee

While opening Santander Bank you are required to pay an account opening fee. Nevertheless, if you are opening an account with Santander Everyday Credit Card then there is no account opening fee. This process is totally free.

Important to Know

Amazing benefits come at a cost. There is nothing free in the world. Still, Santander Everyday Credit Card is giving you almost totally free banking services. Your credit payments are interest-free. Your bank account maintenance is totally free.

Are exempt from paying any additional charges or fees until 21 months. Everyone aspires to such options. However, Santander bank has set some limitations and boundaries for potential users of this credit card. Not everyone is allowed to enjoy these benefits.

Firstly, Santander Bank has a policy to issue Santander Credit Cards to those above 18 years old only. No one below this age limit can apply for this Santander Everyday Credit Card. Secondly, any person interested to apply for Santander Credit Card must comply with the income criteria set by the Santander Bank.

A minimum annual income requirement to apply for this credit card is around 7500 pounds. If your annual income is more than this minimum required income, then you can be lucky to enjoy using Santander Everyday Credit Card for everyday expenses without any interest payment.

An important point that you should not ignore is that Santander Everyday Credit Card is not available for those who already have credit cards from Santander Bank. You must be a new user of Santander Bank services. So, it’s an attractive option for new users.

How to receive your Santander Everyday Credit Card?

At Santander Bank’s official website, you can get an online eligibility checking tool. You just need to enter your personal details for the initial screening. The Santander bank team collects your information and automatically forwards you a response for your eligibility after evaluation.

If the Santander Bank eligibility tool qualifies you for Santander Everyday Credit Card, then you are advised to visit a nearby branch of Santander Bank. Bank management will complete all formalities.

Afterwards, you can receive your Santander Credit Card from Santander Bank in the United Kingdom. Somehow, you can also call their representatives to apply for your Santander Everyday Credit Card by discussing their terms and conditions for usage and payment systems.