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The Standard Bank Platinum: A whole new level

The Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card is issued by Standard Bank, a leading financial institution based in Eswatini. See more!

All you need to know about this amazing credit card

The Standard Bank Platinum

The Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card is issued by Standard Bank, a leading financial institution based in Eswatini. This credit card takes your private banking experience to a whole new level and puts you in charge of your spending.


It comes with a monthly fee of SZL 94.00 and is highly personalized. However, you must maintain a minimum income SZL 250 000 to be able to use this credit card. This credit card supports the payment of goods and services at fuel stations, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, as well as other retail outlets at no extra charge.


In a bid to streamline payment systems in Eswatini and make online payments available to members of the public, the Central Bank of Eswatini introduced online and mobile banking to help businesses receive payments with ease.


More so, Standard Bank is one bank that boasts of robust customer support. The bank parades customer support representatives that know what to do at a particular time. They work 24/7 resolving customers’ complaints. Ahead, we explain everything you should know about the Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card.


What You Get When Using Standard Bank Platinum

Accessible via ATM, POS and web.

The Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card offers free transactions, discounts at some partner points, free internet banking service, emergency card replacements, and 40% of card limit available for cash withdrawal. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of using the Standard Bank Platinum credit card is that you will enjoy payment access on ATMs.


Also web transfers, and POS transactions. Whether you are based in the country or not, you can use the credit card to get cash at any nearby ATM point close to you. You can also use the card at any terminal you find the Visa and MasterCard logos.


Interest free

The Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card supports interest-free transactions whenever you make online payments using the card. Every new card holder will also enjoy an interest-free period of up to 50 days and free transactions.


Unlike other credit card issuers, Standard Bank ensures that their customers do not pay so much on fees but offers amazing banking experience with the little token that they charge for using the credit card.


Additionally, you can use the Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card in millions of merchants. And it is acceptable in so many ATMs across the world for shopping and online payments. So you have many options to use it.

More convenience

If you need to pay for goods and services online or with physical cash, you can use the Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card to make payments. Alternatively, you can withdraw cash at any ATM point both locally and internationally.


Cash withdrawals at an ATM point do not come with a single charge. However, keep in mind that the bank may charge a monthly or quarterly fee for maintaining the card. So pay attention when you get your card and ask everything about it.

Secure spending

Standard Bank is one of those banks you can count on to protect your privacy, personal, and financial details using advanced encryption technology. In other words, all cardholders are guaranteed that their personal and financial information will not leak out to scammers or internet fraudsters for financial gains.

Global Recognition

The Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card  is recognized and acceptable globally. Whether you live in Mbabane, Lobamba, or abroad, you can always use the card to make online purchases. As a matter of fact, if you’re an online gamer that places sports betting online, you can use your credit card to fund your sports betting account and also send money to your loved ones from the comfort of your home or offices.

All you need to know about this amazing credit card

All you need to know about this amazing credit card

What You Need To Apply For The Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card

The application process for this Platinum credit card is not as difficult as most users think. For your application to be considered, you will need to present a number of documents, including the Eswatini National ID, Proof of residence not older than 3 months, and at least 3 months bank statements.

The bank also requires that you submit a recent payslip showing the income that you earn every month. One more condition that you must fulfill for your application to be considered is that you must earn SZL58000 or more per month. If you are not a Swati citizen, then you can submit a passport in place of a national ID card.

If you have all of the documents handy, you can then proceed to any branch of the bank that is closest to you to pick up an application form to apply for the Standard Bank platinum credit card. After completing the application form, submit it to the bank’s representative for further processing. The bank will issue you with the credit card within 5 working days.

Standard Bank Customer Support

Standard Bank has a responsive and helpful customer support desk that works round the clock to keep things going smooth. If you encounter any challenges using the Platinum Credit Card, you can always reach out to the bank’s customer support desk for prompt assistance.

For general enquiries, you can reach the bank’s customer support desk via +268 2517 5300 (Local) and +2711 299 4786 (International). If you observe any fraudulent activities on your account, you should immediately reach the bank via +268 2517 5300.

Apply For The Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card Now!

The Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card is a unique card that verifies every transaction using your PIN and SMS notification. In other words, instead of having to sign a transaction slip each time you intend to perform a transaction, you will only be required to enter your PIN for the transaction to go through.

You can download and install the bank’s mobile app on your smartphone to stay in control of your finances. Unlike other credit card types, Standard Bank does not charge any fee to send or receive money using the credit card.