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Leisure is better with Standard world citizen

Numerous advantages are always included with a Standard World Citizen Bank credit card. Travel and leisure are going to be better!

Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card for enjoy a leisure life.

Standard world citizen credit card

Numerous advantages are always included with a standard world citizen bank credit card. A few of the ways to express gratitude to the clients for selecting it as their financial decision-making partner include enabling card usage overseas, the Shyft app for foreign payments, and other speedy, handy payment alternatives.

We offer a credit card for everyone, but if you change your contact list more frequently than ask yourself, what’s my next adventure? The world citizen credit card is your next facilitator.

As a frequent traveler someone who avoids paying monthly fees and expensive international interest rates you need a credit card that is not only reasonable but also ideal for your way of life, thus you always use travel credit cards.

Free points and miles, sign-up bonuses, loyalty points, exclusive discounts, and more are among the opportunities they provide. You may receive many free or heavily reduced airline tickets, hotel rooms, and vacations by using your credit cards correctly. You may instantly access money with your credit card without having to physically carry any cash.

A credit card has security safeguards that make both in-store and online purchases secure. Your credit card is even safer and simpler to use with payment applications like MasterPassTM. If you sign up for our credit card protection plan, your credit card amount will be covered up to R250 000 in unanticipated events like death, permanent incapacity, or a deadly sickness.

You may make purchases using your MasterCard and Visa credit card while traveling. You can use ATMs to get cash. Additionally, you can obtain free fundamental travel insurance while paying with a credit card for international flights.

Shyft global wallet with Standard world citizen

Shop safely in international stores by creating 10 virtual cards per account because our app is highly secure and fully compliant with the SA reserve bank. With our free forex app, anybody, standard bank client or not, can buy, send trade, and spend foreign currencies anyplace on the planet.

You can get 50 tiering points for buying R7 500 or more in a rolling 12-month period. You can purchase, exchange, and store Euros, Zar, US, Australian dollars, and British pounds sterling. Additionally, get currency whenever it suits you. Using international bank transfers or Shyft-to-Shyft sending money to anybody with payment, anywhere.

Conducting safe online transactions by creating virtual cards. Moreover using to swipe or withdraw money overseas, order a real  Shyft Mastercard and purchase a real Shyft rand card to use for local purchases plus get assistance with our live in-app chats.

Card features

Our cards are chip and pin-enabled with 3D secure verification, enabling you to store up to 4 currencies on a single card for easy access to global payments and cash withdrawals and exchanges. Alert you by free SMS on card activity with automatic lost card protection. Using the app is free but transaction fees depend on the value of the forex you buy.

If you’d rather have a physical card, there is an applicable R100 once-off fee for using the card. Load your rands via EFT into your Shyft account. Additionally, you can add people or businesses as beneficiaries and swipe and draw cash in currencies loaded to your card and transfer funds straight into their bank account.

Is Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card for you?

Is Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card for you?

Instant money with your Standard world citizen

We are collaborating with additional merchants to send and receive money, you can utilize standard bank quick money swiftly and easily throughout the nation. If you want to transfer money to a friend or member of your family but they don’t have a bank account, Sending money instantly to anyone with a south African cellphone number is possible with instant money.

An instant wallet of money, which functions like a standard bank account on your phone, allows you to safely store further spend money. If you want a straightforward digital wallet that you can use to load, transmit, and make purchases prepaid airtime,  the quick wallet is perfect for you, power or information.

Register for a digital wallet, log in, and add money to it, using an online banking ATM, a banking app, a cellphone, or at one of the retail partners. Reset your wallet PIN and stop payments to recipients. Send money instantly via online banking, Banking apps, ATMs, or mobile banking.

Simply show your south African ID at the till point and provide the recipients with your mobile number to transfer funds from a retail partner. The recipients may then use the voucher number and 4-digit PIN to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Snapscan wallet

You can use the Snapscan pocket to transfer, receive, and keep the money which works similarly to a virtual bank account. Avoid the headache of making a cash withdrawal or initiating an EFT to pay back a buddy. With Snapscan loaded on their phone, pals may quickly transfer funds to each other.

To save money for your next purchases, you may even fill up your own wallet. There’s just a 3.5% charge when you withdraw money to your linked bank account to transfer funds easily and instantly to friends by connecting with them in the app and reflecting in their app.

Versatile money can be spent at over 60 000 Snapscan businesses, or within the app. You have the option of paying with money on your card or in your Snapscan pocket. Simply choose ‘top up’ and enter the sum of money you should put in your wallet.

To receive money from friends just send a link or scan a QR code. Press receive if you are standing next to someone. This will show your  QR code so that friends may transfer your money by scanning it with their app.

Final thoughts about Standard world citizen

The great benefit is the discount flights because that’s what you spend the most of your money on as a frequent flyer. The fact that you may only enter lounges 24 times a year is a favorite aspect. Overall, the standard bank of world citizen credit card for regular travelers is very recommended.