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Woolworths Gold: designed to make shopping

The Woolworths Gold Credit Card is made to current and recurring clients who want to take benefit of the retailer's exclusive discounts!

Get to know the Woolworths Gold

Woolworths Gold Credit Card

The Woolworths Gold Credit Card is made available to current and recurring clients who want to take benefit of the retailer’s exclusive discounts on goods and services from partners. The Visa emblem on the card indicates that you can utilize it for transactions with the aforementioned credit business.


You gain access to several advantages, such as savings and Woolworths points, while using the credit card. Cardholders are not limited to using the credit card solely at Woolworths; you are free to use it anywhere. It can be used to pay for lodging, meals, furnishings, travel arrangements, etc.


Woolworths Gold Credit Card features

Any ATM that approves Visa cards will let you withdraw cash with your Woolworths Gold Card. Interest is applied from the date of withdrawal until the debt is paid in full. It needs a minimum monthly salary of R300,000.


Since Woolworths is the provider of the account, it offers a 2% compensation in the form of quarterly vouchers on all purchases made at Woolworths. Both primary credit cards and auxiliary credit cards offer misplaced card insurance.


Let Woolworths know about the event within 24 hours of it happening. When using the card to make a purchase, cardholders automatically become members of WREWARDS and are eligible for an additional 5% off WREWARDS merchandise.


When using their credit card at a store other than Woolworths, credit cardholders get 0.75% back in the feature of quarterly vouchers. Get 2% off your Woolworths purchases reimbursed with WRewards quarterly coupons. However, this refund does not apply to purchases made from the Woolies Engen garage.


The Woolworths Gold credit card has an R53.00 monthly service charge. If made in South Africa, credit card purchases are free. A fee applies to international transactions; the cost to use an ATM in another nation is R60.00 for each withdrawal.

Woolworths Gold Credit Card Benefits


The Woolies mobile app is available for free and makes shopping more convenient. When you use your Gold Credit Card to buy an overseas airline ticket, you might get minimal expedition protection coverage if you’re younger than 75 years old.


Coverage for lost cards that protects cardholders from Unauthorised use of their cards. The method and timing of credit card bill repayment are entirely up to you. You can spread your payments over 60 months or as little as R300 over 6 months.

You can add more free cards for family members. It’s possible to add up to 8 gold credit cards. You’re going to access to the Woolworths Balance Protection Insurance programme, which will pay your unpaid balance.


That isn’t an outstanding payment in the event of your death, a critical illness diagnosis, a layoff, or a momentary or lasting disability. Medical and lawful aid are optional for the credit card holder and their immediate family.

Is Woolworths Gold for you?

Is Woolworths Gold for you?

What to consider before applying ?

You can use your Gold credit cards anywhere Visa is accepted, offering you a way to accumulate points for the majority of your daily expenditures. It’s possible to withdraw money with your Woolworths Gold credit card.

However, all cash advances accrue interest from the date of withdrawal until the balance is paid. You are free to use your card anywhere. It can be used to pay for groceries, furnishings, lodging, travel arrangements, and other things.

Each card has a $1,000 daily cap on cash withdrawals (including EFTPOS). Transactions with VISA PayWave are restricted to a daily cap of $500 and a maximum of $100 per transaction. A 1% reward in the feature of WRewards quarterly coupons is yours.

But only if you use your Woolworths Gold Credit Card to pay for petrol. Additionally, you can benefit from no transaction costs and interest-free financing on fuel transactions for up to 55 days.

How can I obtain a Woolworth Black Card?

A high-end credit card, the Woolworths Black Credit Card, demands a monthly income of R41,666.00 or an annual income of R500,000.00. The WREWARDS programme, which offers cardholders an additional 5% off WREWARDS purchases, is automatically enrolled as part of the credit card’s features.

What are the steps to raising my Woolworths credit limit?

Call 1300 101 234 to submit an application if you want your Woolworths card’s credit limit raised. Before seeking for a limit increase, you must have owned your credit card account for at least six months.

How do I log in to Woolworths online banking?

Log in with your WFS information to access your Woolworths online banking. Sign in with your email address you used to make your account for the first time. Then enter your password and. Enter your email pin.

Its cons

Woolworths locations do not accept deposits or withdrawals unfurtunatelly. The fees are hefty when a credit card customer uses an Absa branch to transact. There are no cashback rewards unfurtunatelly, only vouchers that may be redeemed at any Woolworths store close to you.


Given its advantages, the Woolworths Gold Credit Card is a useful credit card to have always with you. It is available to low-income earners thanks to its low application fees and income requirements. It features excellent online banking, making it simple to monitor your balance and transaction history.

A wonderful bonus is the quarterly rewards card, which is based on your card usage. So the more you use the more you’ll get it. If the advantages match your requirements, what are you waiting for? Get this amazing Gold Credit Card today!